Gawker says old people shouldn’t be allowed to have guns. Here’s why that’s absurd AP

Gawker, taking a break from publishing sex tapes, is out with a new rant explaining that old people are just too feeble and slow to have the right to armed self defense. As Hamilton Nolan claims:

When you’re old you’re slow as hell and decades of muscle erosion have made you weak. Pretty much any healthy young person can beat you up. Is a gun gonna even things out? Nope. In order for that gun to work you have to pull it out and aim it in a moment of crisis. While you’re fumbling to do that, all slow, a young person is just pushing you on the ground. And taking your gun out of your feeble hands.

Blatant age discrimination aside, this claim couldn’t be more out of touch with reality.

Need proof?

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In September of 2015, a 72-year-old man was tied up in his home. Thankfully, he was able to break free of his restraints, and used a firearm to scare off the two significantly younger burglars. In March of last year, 84-year-old Doug Jandebeur used his gun to ward off a mugger after taking a punch to the face. In January of 2016, a 70-year-old man in Fresno held a burglar at gunpoint until police arrived on scene. And in February of 2016, a 92-year-old man fought of an ax-wielding man attempting to break into his house.

Now, could a younger person overpower an older person? Sure, there’s no doubt. But firearms provide an equalizing tool for those who want the chance to defend themselves. Rightly used, firearms can empower those who would otherwise be unable to stop an attack.

Age and other disabilities may be an obstacle, but there are some incredible shooters in this world, undeterred by any inherent disadvantages they face.

Take Hunter “Nubs” Cayll, a competitive shooter with no hands. As this video shows, he’s an incredible marksman.

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There’s an old saying in the gun community, “God made man, Sam Colt made them equal.”

Disabilities, size, strength, gender, even age; it just doesn’t matter. Most people can still safely and legally operate a firearm for self-defense, no matter how disabled Gawker’s writers think they are.

We know criminals pick on what they see as easier targets, people who are less likely to fight back.

It’s sad to see a Gawker blogger do the same.

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