A passionate President Trump supporter explains how we can work together to Make America Great Again

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ATLANTA — As gun rights advocates and NRA members gathered at the National Rifle Association Annual Meetings & Exhibits to hear President Donald Trump address the crowd Friday, Rare was on the ground to speak with a few people who were looking forward to his speech.

One very passionate Trump supporter, Hoke Johnson, delivered a powerful message about the need for our country to unite behind our new president.

“If we work together, we can have a great country, not divided,” he said. “I’ve got just as much chance to make it as anybody else in this world because I want to do right.”

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He then went on to explain why he feels President Trump is just the person to bring us all together and called on all citizens to work with each other to Make America Great Again.

“We need powerful people in this country. We need Donald Trump,” he said. “I’ll take a bullet for Donald Trump. That’s why I love America. Because America is the greatest country ever […] We’ve got to fight for this country. So I need all of y’all to rally around that man, support that man. When that man comes through here, have your hands up waving high. Show him love.”

Find the full schedule of events for the NRA convention here.

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