For this self-defense expert at the NRA convention, something is more important than a gun for protection

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ATLANTA — At the National Rifle Association Annual Meetings & Exhibits, self-defense instructor Steve Tarani gave Rare some tips on how to protect and defend yourself if needed. While the Second Amendment gives American citizens the right to own a firearm to keep themselves and their families safe, Tarani insists that it’s better to rely on your mind and senses than your hands or weapons when in a dangerous or threatening situation.

“There are two sets of skills that we have available to ourselves, and those are soft skills, that is using the brain box, and then there are hard skills, using the hands and weapons,” he said. “The better of the two, 90 percent of that equation, would be your soft skills. So being able to see it, hear it, smell it coming is going to serve you better than relying, if you’re back on your heels against a wall with a really bad situation that forces you into going into hands and going into guns.”

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The three things Tarani recommends to help increase your personal security and decrease your vulnerability are to apply your situational awareness to control your environment, to avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation to begin with, and to let go of distractions and apply your awareness to what’s going on around you.

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In addition to remaining aware of your surroundings and using a firearm to defend yourself if necessary, knives are also a great weapon to use for protection, especially when used in tandem with a gun. Luis Kudro from Kudro Knives explained just how useful knives can be for protection and walked Rare through the necessary training to be able to properly do so.

“We are at the NRA. The NRA is very well known for one thing: the right to carry,” he said. “A firearm and a knife, it basically goes hand in hand. If you carry a gun, you usually carry a knife. It’s just like carrying a firearm. You don’t just buy a firearm, and you decide, ‘Okay, I can defend myself.’ You have to take some training.”

When it comes to knife training, Kudro warned against simply watching videos online and insisted that it’s essential to take a hands-on training course led by a professional, adding, “The important part is: train, train, train.”

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