Why is Obama suddenly so secretive about the war in Afghanistan?

Technically the war in Afghanistan ended back in December—but that’s a big technically, and I’d say there’s at least a 50 percent chance that the Obama administration went through with it just to keep Joe Biden’s foot out of his mouth for once. There are still about 10,000 American troops active in Afghanistan today, and given the country’s continued state of turmoil, it is difficult to believe that number will shrink to zero any time soon.

What is less difficult to believe is a new move by the Obama administration to begin concealing what’s happening in America’s longest war.

Even though information on how our tax dollars are spent in Afghanistan has been public since 2009, the White House has suddenly classified it, shrouding a very large amount of money ($50 billion+ in 2015 alone) in secrecy.

The “blackout on information will include such minor details as the number of Afghans who are serving in the army or police force, their salaries and data on infrastructure projects”—even though “the Afghans themselves don’t consider information about their troops to be secret.” Classic “most transparent administration in history,” am I right?

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