Restaurant or roach coach? Survey says…
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When you are out-and-about and the stomach starts to growl, should you go to a Mexican restaurant or a burrito bus?

Food trucks are cheaper, faster and more accessible than restaurants, but there are downsides. You’ll miss out on the ambiance of the restaurant and will probably have to go somewhere else to use the men’s room.

Crucially, there is the quality of the food to consider, because food carts don’t have the best of reputations. You might ask yourself, “Do I really want to by those chiles rellenos from a ‘roach coach’?”

When you put it that way, it doesn’t sound very appetizing.

So stop putting it that way.

According to a brand new survey of “more than 260,000 food-safety inspection reports from seven large American cities,” your food fears are misplaced.

In the report compiled for the Institute for Justice, research analyst Angela Erickson found that in every single city examined “food trucks and carts did as well as or better than restaurants” safety-code-wise.

In no city did food carts fare worse than restaurants and in six out of the seven cities “food trucks and carts averaged fewer sanitation violations, and the differences were statistically significant.”

That’s right, food trucks were the safer option.

According to “Street Eats, Safe Treats,” the next time you want to stop at a roadside truck and order a taco, a torta and a tamale and wash it all down with a Mexican Coke without getting food poisoning, you should go right ahead.

Indigestion is another matter.

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