This badass champion for free speech is all-American and wants everyone to know it Fox News Screenshot, The Kelly File

A guest on The Kelly File Tuesday was probably a sight many didn’t expect to see: A Muslim woman wearing an American flag hijab.

Her name is Saba Ahmed and she is President of the Republican Muslim Coalition.

On Tuesday, she and Katrina Pierson, the national spokeswoman for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, joined Fox News’ Megyn Kelly discussed Trump’s willingness to shut down and promote the surveillance of mosques.

Kelly said, “The argument against that is back the First Amendment. We have freedom of religion, we have freedom of speech, and we’re opening up a very dangerous door if we get the government getting to go into a religious institution, and decide what amounts to hate speech.”

Pierson responded “we don’t have the right to plot terrorism and kill Americans.” She went on to mention a list of Muslims involved in carrying out or planning to carry out terrorist attacks on American soil.

Kelly then asked Ahmed for her opinion:

We go to the mosque to pray. It’s absolutely horrifying to hear that our rights, the free exercise of religion are going to be challenged just because someone thinks that there may be some attendees who may disagree with your views. You wouldn’t shut down churches just because one or two Christians who are acting badly. The mosque has nothing to do with the terrorists. Yes there are people who misuse the religion for their perverted ideology but that has nothing to do with my faith.

Ahmed explained that while extremists are definitely a problem, not only have they perverted Islam but they are very different from the hardworking Muslim-Americans, many of whom are, as Ahmed described, “lawyers, doctors, engineers.”

Pierson explained that the Department of Justice has carried out action against other religions before, such as the Mormons in the 19th century, to which Kelly asked “Why not go after the individuals as opposed to the mosque?”

Ahmed noted Trump has “business deals all over the Middle East,” has had positive experiences of working with the Muslim community before and said the Muslim-American vote should not be isolated.

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