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With the 2016 presidential campaign in full swing, there is no time like the present to discuss what is just and fair when it comes to taxes — no doubt a favorite topic of politicians looking to curry favor to whatever group they are pandering to that particular day.

For all tax and policy wonks out there, it turns out Montana has the fairest tax system in place, followed by Oregon, South Carolina and Delaware. Conversely, Washington state has the system that is most unfair, edging out Georgia, Hawaii and Arkansas.

That’s according to a new survey from WalletHub, which made a surprising claim: A progressive tax structure is favored by liberals and conservatives alike. The site also determined taxes are slightly fairer in so-called “blue” states.

The complete state rankings are:

Source: WalletHub

“To rank the states, we used the results of a nationally representative online survey of 1,050 individuals to assess what Americans think a fair state and local tax system looks like,” according to analyst Jill Gonzalez.

“Based on the survey, we found that the majority of respondents consider that a tax system is most fair when higher-income households pay a greater percentage of their income in taxes than lower-income households. In terms of tax structure, it was clear that most of the respondents, regardless of political ideology, prefer a progressive tax.”

Not sure that last sentiment would go over well among many GOP presidential candidates.

The results, segmented by income level:

Source: WalletHub

Broken down along party lines, the chart looks like:

Source: WalletHub

Read the full report here.

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