It turns out Rand Paul was right about guns being smuggled out of Benghazi to Syria

In January 2013, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) asked then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a Senate hearing whether the U.S. was involved in the shipping of weapons from Benghazi to Syrian rebels, which Clinton said she had no knowledge of.

The U.S. government categorically denied it was shipping weapons to the Syrian rebels, many of whom have ties to al-Qaeda and other Islamist groups.

Liberal websites attacked Paul for asking Sec. Clinton about this. Think Progress accused Paul of “pushing a conspiracy theory.” Rachel Maddow’s blog labeling the senator, “I don’t have any proof Paul.”

The conservative watchdog organization Judicial Watch has obtained documents that might shed some light on why Sen. Paul asked these questions. Fox News reported Monday that the Defense Intelligence Agency knew that weapons were being shipped from Libya to Syria before the Benghazi attacks.

A third DIA memo, dated Oct. 5, 2012, leaves no doubt that U.S. intelligence agencies knew that weapons were moving from Libya to Syria before the attack that killed four Americans.

Former CIA Director Mike Morell recently dodged questions about these weapons in an interview with Bret Baier.

Baier asked him: Were CIA officers tracking the movement of weapons from Libya to Syria?

“Can’t talk about it,” Morell said.

In March 2013, The Telegraph (UK) reported that the CIA armed Syrian rebels as early as November 2012. It arranged flights from Croatia of Yugoslav made weapons, paid for by the Saudis, to Jordan where they were smuggled into Syria.

In July 2014, some of those weapons were captured from ISIS fighters by Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers.

Kevin Boyd About the author:
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