Jen Psaki Says ‘MSNBC Has A Very High Standard Of What Is Factual’ (Video)

Jen Psaki is circling back, this time, with a new show that is set to debut on MSNBC this Sunday, March 19th. Prior to her first show, Psaki is making the media rounds once again.

Last night Psaki appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss MSNBC. During the interview, Psaki claimed that ‘MSNBC has a very high standard of what is factual’. That quote reads…

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

MSNBC has a very high standard of what is factual. You have to go through a process before you report things on air to make sure they are factual and you have sources

Jen Psaki on Colbert

See a video of that moment below…

This outlet has chronicled some of the insane statements made by MSNBC hosts in recent history. We reported on MSNBC host Joy Reid laughing with a sitting member of Congress about arresting Fox News journalist Tucker Carlson. Read that article here.

We also showed you a clip in which Joy Reid claimed that Ron DeSantis would be a ‘more authoritarian version of Trump’. See a clip of that moment below…

MSNBC also infamously claimed that former President Trump was a ‘Russian spy’, focusing on the Russian collusion story for years.

No evidence was ever uncovered that Trump had ties to Russia. MSNBC is a joke!

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