Jon Voight Calls for Impeachment of Joe Biden in New Video

Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight, a supporter of former President Donald Trump, took to Twitter earlier this week to call for the impeachment and removal of President Joe Biden.

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Voight’s video, which is captioned “Can we all see eye to eye?,” starts, “My dear friends, we’re all saddened by so much turmoil that has been brought upon this life we live. Can this darkness be lifted? Can we all share joy once again and see eye to eye?”

“We’re all angry, and let’s remember why,” his message continues. “It starts with the seat of the president of the United States. He has wronged this nation’s glory. He has taken down our morals, our true gift of the land of the free.”

We cannot wait another second having him dictate our path

Voight then calls for his impeachment, “He must be impeached. We cannot wait another second having him dictate our path. Let us work together, get him out and make this country which it stands for—greatness, the land of opportunity, the land of the greatest soil our forefathers fought for.”

“Don’t let this President Biden tear down every inch that was sacrificed with blood, sweat and tears for his dictation of lies. I urge all to see truths, I urge all to make a difference for our children’s future, our future,” the 83-year-old added.

Several of the comments called him “irrelevant”

The responses to Voight’s video ranged from positivity to those who didn’t agree at all with the call for impeachment and removal from office. Several of the comments called him “irrelevant.”

A Twitter user said of Voight’s video that it was a case of life imitating art, “A villain in real life. In most of his films he plays a bad guy. I guess you can say it’s art imitating life or vice versa.”

Fellow actor Billy Baldwin responded on Twitter by pointing out that, “His own children hate him.”

It wasn’t all negative responses, even from the film industry. Movie producer Igor Lopatonok called the video a “great speech.”

Voight is still making movies. He plays Mickey Donovan in the 2022 movie Ray Donovan: The Movie and will appear as Viktor Petrovich in the upcoming movie Reagan, which is set to be released in early 2023.

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  1. Jon Voight’s buy-in of the Trump lies is truly astounding.
    I would have thought him a deeper intellect.
    To continue the Big Lie and all its’ inferences is completely disgusting.
    Jon Voight has no credibility left in my eyes.

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