Judge Fines Trump $1 Million for ‘Frivolous’ Lawsuit

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In March of 2022, Former President Donald Trump filed a RICO lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, members of the media, and members of the federal government over the Russian collusion hoax.

On Thursday, Judge Donald Middlebrooks of Florida fined Trump $1 million, claiming that his lawsuit is ‘frivolous.

Judge Middlebrooks can be quoted as saying.

A continuing pattern of misuse of the courts by Mr. Trump and his lawyers undermines the rule of law, portrays judges as partisans, and diverts resources from those who have suffered actual legal harm,


Middlebrooks took the opportunity to publicly attack the President. He continued saying of the President…

“He is the mastermind of strategic abuse of the judicial process, and he cannot be seen as a litigant blindly following the advice of a lawyer. He knew full well the impact of his actions,”

“As such, I find that sanctions should be imposed upon Mr. Trump and his lead counsel, Ms. Habba,”


The defendants, in this case, happen to be some of the most powerful people in the United States. They are listed below.

  • Hillary R. Clinton
  • HFACC, Inc
  • Democratic National Committee
  • DNC Services Corporation
  • Perkins Coie, LLC
  • Michael Sussmann
  • Marc Elias
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz
  • Charles Halliday Dolan, Jr.
  • Jake Sullivan
  • John Podesta
  • Robert E. Mook
  • Phillipe Reines
  • Fusion GPS
  • Glenn Simpson
  • Peter Fritsch
  • Nellie Ohr
  • Bruce Ohr
  • Orbis Business
  • Intelligence, Ltd
  • Christopher Steele
  • Igor Danchenko
  • Neustar, Inc.
  • Rodney Joffe
  • James Comey
  • Peter Strzok
  • Lisa Page
  • Kevin Clinesmith
  • Andrew McCabe
  • ABC Corporations

Former President Trump alleges that all of these people worked in concert in order to promote the Russian collusion hoax.

Years of investigations and scrutiny yielded no results in proving any aspect of the alleged collusion.

Now that Trump is seeking to clear the record, a Clinton-appointed Judge has fined him $1 million.

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