Kamala Harris Claims Americans Are ‘Recovering’ From High Prices Because Of Joe Biden’s Hard Work (Video)

Vice President Kamala Harris appeared in Ghana this weekend during her week-long trip to Africa. We covered Harris claiming that she is ‘excited for the future of Africa’ this morning.

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We also showed a video of Harris arriving in the Nation of Ghana, being greeted by dancers and others. See that clip again below, or read our article…

Today during a speech with the President of Ghana, Harris claimed that Americans are ‘recovering’ from high prices directly because of President Joe Biden’s ‘hard work’. She said prices are down because “the measures our administration has taken to bring down the costs”.

She can also be quoted as saying….

There are a number of things on the issue of the economy as a whole that we must do – putting aside the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, even before the two became an issue for our nation and a lot of that work is the work that I am here to do on the continent.

Vice President Kamala Harris

See a clip of that moment below…

Prices for nearly everything are up sharply since Biden took office in January of 2021. Inflation has been soaring ever since. Interest rates also continue to rise.

I guess Harris forgot that several banks failed just weeks ago. The United States has anything but a ‘strong economy’.

That didn’t stop White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre from saying that the Biden Administration sees a ‘strong economy’ last week. See a clip of that below…

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