Kamala Harris Rants About ‘Environmental Racism’ (Video)

Vice President Kamala Harris recently spoke at North Carolina State University with the ‘Fight For Our Freedoms College Tour.’ During her appearance on stage, Harris was asked by a member of the audience about ‘environmental racism.’

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The attendee asked, “What measures do you support to combat environmental racism and its impact on vulnerable populations?”

Harris said, “There’s so much there! I mean, we talked about it in terms of equity and inclusion and diversity, right? We need to first of all agree and acknowledge that there are systems that have been long in place that need to be reformed, so for example, the criminal justice system.” Remember, Harris was a member of that criminal justice system in California, serving as the State Attorney General before moving to the U.S. Senate.

See a clip of Harris making that statement below…

Invisible and non-existent enemies continue to be the focus of this administration, simply because it is the invisible and non-existent enemy which allows them to expand the influence and power of government.

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