Kamala Harris Rants About Gender Gaps, Galaxies, And Gravity in Ghana (Video)

Kamala Harris spoke once again in Ghana today as she continues her week long stay in Africa. Today, Harris took the time to speak about galaxies and gravity.

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During a portion of her speech, Harris claimed that South Africa is building a radio telescope that will “help answer the biggest questions for humanity.” She then exclaims ‘About Galaxies! About Gravity!’

See a clip of that moment below…

Harris also took the time to rant about ‘gender gaps’. She claimed that closing ‘gender gaps’ in Ghana and around the world will bring success. She fails to specify what those gaps actually are, or how we may go about changing them.

She claimed that women are still ‘fighting for freedom’. See a clip of that moment below…

Harris again began to rant about ‘young leaders’ and ‘women who will shatter every glass ceiling’ later on during the speech. She also talked about ‘the entrepreneur that will identify the next digital breakthrough’.

This Vice President truly has a way with words (satire)! See a clip of that moment below…

Though Harris is supposed to be touring through Africa this week, she has spent all of her time so far in Ghana. What is in Ghana that interests the Vice President so much?

As the U.S. deals with another mass shooting, Harris is talking about galaxies and gravity in Africa.

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