Kamala Harris: “Without Semiconductors, Your Smartphone Would Not Be A Smartphone! It Would Be A Paperweight!” (Video)

Vice President Kamala Harris held a press conference in Sunnyvale, California yesterday to tout the Biden Administration’s alleged $4 Billion investment into semi-conductors.

The San Fransisco Chronicle reports on the visit…

Vice President Kamala Harris appeared in Sunnyvale on Monday to laud a Silicon Valley semiconductor toolmaking company for pumping $4 billion into a research facility in the region, an investment that would create the largest such enterprise in the world.

The facility, which will be called the Equipment and Process Innovation and Commercialization (EPIC) Center, is projected to open in 2026 and create up to 2,000 engineering jobs, according to Applied Materials, the world’s largest manufacturer of the tools used to make semiconductor chips. The facility, to be built in Sunnyvale, is expected to be the size of three football fields. 


During her visit, Kamala Harris pulled her usual stunt of talking down to the audience, attempting to make a lame joke about cellphones being ‘paper weights’ without semiconductors.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Government spending continues to rage out of control, ultimately driving inflation upwards making every American poorer. How dare this Administration brag about government spending while Americans are struggling to pay their bills.

It is yet another example of the unchecked arrogance of the Biden Administration, which has on many occasions bragged about the State of this economy.

They appear to believe that they are above the truth. That they have no obligation to represent the situation that America currently finds itself in honestly. There has never been an Administration which serves a greater danger to Americans than the Biden Administration.

Every American people deserve to hear the truth. The Biden Administration has no plan of lifting the boot of government off of our economy anytime soon!

What do you think?

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