Karine Jean-Pierre Melts Down After Fox Reporter Asks About Chinese Payments to Biden Family (Video)

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy hammered White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about payments revealed by the House Oversight Committee from Chinese energy companies to the Biden family.

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Those revelations, shown in a tweet below, and covered in our article about potential Biden ties to China, can be seen once again embedded below.

Payments go from the Chinese energy company to Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden. There is also an unspecified Biden on the list.

Fox reporter Peter Doocy asked Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about these findings from the House committee. She gave a non-answer, claiming that the entire statement was based in lies.

After being caught red-handed, the Biden Administration has nothing left but to claim that the findings are lies. See a clip of that moment below…

With China seizing every opportunity to capitalize on Biden’s failures, we are left wondering if they happen to be intentional.

These payments are no small matter, and a damning piece of evidence against Biden. Republicans having the strength and integrity to act on said-claims are another story.

Biden cannot be in public without making some sort of gaffe or inappropriate comment, sometimes even getting lost on stage. Removing him via 25th Amendment would seem to be the most logical course of action.

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