Bizarre Clip Shows Young Jimmy Kimmel Playing “Guess What’s In My Pants”

A clip from one of Jimmy Kimmel’s former programs, The Man Show, has resurfaced and raised eyebrows as it shows the host encouraging women to play a game with him called “Guess What’s In My Pants.”

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In the video, which was posted on YouTube years ago, Kimmel explains the rules to women, saying, “I’ve stuffed something in my pants, and you’re allowed to feel around, and you’ll have 10 seconds to guess what’s in my pants.”

“Maybe it would be easier if you put your mouth on it,” he quips to one woman.

At one point he asks a guest, “How old are you,” and when she answers “18,” he chuckles, “Are you sure of that? Because Uncle Jimmy doesn’t need to do time.”

The items that were actually in his pants varied and included a zucchini with a rubber band wrapped around it, a chicken wing and half a doughnut.

The Man Show aired on Comedy Central from 1999 to 2004, but Kimmel and his co-host Adam Carolla were only on until 2003, when they passed the reigns to comedian Joe Rogan.

Many late-night hosts endured harsh criticism for their silence on Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood mogul now accused of many sexual harassment incidents and sexual assaults. Kimmel even got into a brief Twitter feud with Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the president. Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct may have been an open secret in Hollywood; all the while, he was donating huge sums of money to Democrats.

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