Liz Mair slams Trump cheerleader Ann Coulter: “You’re in no way conservative”

Political consultant Liz Mair squared off against conservative pundit Ann Coulter on MSNBC’s “Hardball With Chris Matthews” Monday, attacking the conservative credentials of both Coulter and her presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

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Mair observed that Trump has held many liberal views, and said he’s often “to the left of Hillary Clinton.” Mair also cited Trump’s immigration views as the only reason why some conservatives were backing him.

Coulter complained that Americans were being “out-voted by foreigners.” It should be noted that only American citizens can vote in American elections legally.

Mediaite reports that Mair later on in the interview used this kill shot against Coulter:

Mair also brought up Coulter’s past support of candidates like Mitt Romney and Chris Christie. Coulter told Mair that her ideal ticket would be Trump/Romney.

Mair concluded, “That is the proof right there that you are in no way conservative and no way interested in conservative policy.”

In August, Coulter tweeted that she didn’t care if Trump performed abortions in the White House because she really liked his immigration proposals. The tweet drew a harsh response from radio talk show host Mark Levin.

Disclosure: I’ve contributed to Liz Mair’s anti-Trump PAC, Make America Awesome.

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