Mayor Addresses Gun Violence, Police Officer Killed Hours Later In ‘Cowardly Ambush’

Two officers were shot by a gunman in what was described as a ‘cowardly ambush.’

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One of the Rochester, New York officer passed with fatal injuries. The other is reportedly recovering after being treated in a hospital. This occurred a mere ten hours after the mayor declared gun violence a state of emergency.

Anthony Mazurkiewicz was killed Thursday around 9:15 P.M. in the Bauman Street area. He was shot in his upper body and brought to Strong Memorial Hospital. At a news conference Friday morning, Rochester Police Chief David Smith said that ”despite heroic efforts, he passed away.”

The other officer, Sino Seng, was shot multiple times in his lower body and brought to Rochester General Hospital. Smith told the conference that Officer Sing “is now recuperating from his injuries at home with his wife and children.”

Mayor Malik Evans had issued a state of emergency proclamation on gun violence just hours before the ambush.

In response to the deadly shooting, Mayor Evans brought up a statement he’d made earlier that day.

“Yesterday morning … at 11 a.m., I was asked by a reporter, ‘how dangerous is it out there for the officers of the Rochester Police Department?’ My response to him was that every day, the men and women of this department leave home, not knowing if they are going to return home at the end of their shift. Ten hours later, Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz … was killed in the line of duty.”

The Rochester state of emergency proclamation noted that, as of Thursday morning, there had been 202 shooting victims in 2022 alone. There had been 41 homicides and 34 of those homicides involved a gun. These numbers don’t include the loss of Officer Mazurkiewicz.

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