Megyn Kelly’s much anticipated Donald Trump interview: fair or just plain wimpy?


Fox News Channels’s Megyn Kelly and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sat down for the first time since the now-infamous first Republican debate on Fox News, which sparked a messy, well-documented feud.

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Kelly began the interview by saying “it’s been a long nine months” and thanked Trump for sitting down. Trump said “it was [his] honor” to do so.

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This opening set the tone for what, to some, was a “wimpy” interview. To others, this was the kind of fairness Megyn Kelly should have displayed in the first debate.

Embedded above is the part one of the interview. The second part is just below.

Trump, who live tweeted during the taped interview, picked up on one tweet critical of the interview’s “therapy session” tone. Other tweets expressed a similar opinion.

Others thought Meygn Kelly did a great job.

Still others were pleased that the two had mended bridges.

What did you think of the interview?

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