“Mitt’s A Loser!”: Trump Roasts Mitt Romney

Former President Donald Trump recently shared his thoughts to Breitbart News on former Massachusetts governor, current Utah Senator, and perennial Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.  And they weren’t warm and fuzzy thoughts, either.

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“Well, Mitt’s a loser, and he’s been a loser for a long time,” Trump said of Romney, “and he has no respect in the Republican Party.  He’s a terrible Republican, and I think he’s terrible for the nation also.”

Romney recently penned an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal begging the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential candidates to voluntarily remove themselves from the running and unite behind one candidate who can beat Trump.  However, Trump’s support among the Republican voter base is at 53% a full year before the Republican National Convention.  Even if Republican candidates take Romney’s advice and they all throw their support behind a single opponent, that opponent will still lose.

Romney has no love of Trump’s renegade attitude, and could be considered resentful of Trump’s popular support that Romney himself could never attain.  In 2012, Romney was the Republican nominee for president, and for no better reason than he appeared to be the least lackluster Republican candidate in the primary field.  Romney got completely whomped by Barack Obama in the electoral count, with only 205 votes to Obama’s 332.  

By comparison, Donald Trump emerged out of nowhere in the 2016 running, energized the nation, destroyed Hillary Clinton in the general election, and so effectively ran the country that both Democrats and establishment Republicans impeached Trump twice in an attempt to prevent him from running for office again.  Trump remains so dangerous to the political establishment that they have even indicted him three times in less than six months to try to keep him out of office.

Mitt Romney is just one of the many members of the Republican establishment who have been called out by Trump for being nothing more than statists with the “R” behind their names who use their political positions for personal gain.   

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