Nancy Pelosi Says Trump Would Make US ‘Banana Republic’ (Video)

Nancy Pelosi went on Anderson Cooper yesterday and told the truth for once – that indicting one’s political opponent is “a terrible thing.”

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Of course, Pelosi wasn’t talking about how it’s “a terrible thing” for Democrats to have indicted former President Donald Trump for (1) a New York crime Trump was already cleared of; (2) having classified records he was legally entitled to have under the Presidential Records Act; (3) telling people to remain peaceful and go home on January 6, 2021.

Nope, Nancy Pelosi was saying it’s only bad if Donald Trump indicts his political opponents.  As far as Pelosi and Joe Biden and their anti-democracy henchmen are concerned, it’s perfectly okay for the neo-Marxist Democratic Party.  And Pelosi said this (to the tail-wagging sycophant that is Anderson Cooper) because Trump fully plans on teaching these Marxists the lesson that the same indictments can happen to them.

The leadership of the Democratic Party – and quite a few of their cronies in the Republican Party – don’t want Trump to indict them for their crimes.  And this is why they’re desperately trying to get Trump indicted on anything – because they might be able to twist the meaning of the Constitution (which they’re not fond of anyway) so they can interfere with the 2024 election and keep Trump out of office.

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