Obama: New jobs report proves America is not “down in the dumps” as his critics claim AP/File

The U.S. added 242,000 workers in February, keeping the unemployment rate low at 4.9 percent. The job gains show the economy has survived a global slowdown and the numbers may help ease fears that the country was headed back into recession.

Retailers, restaurants and health care providers led the growth effort.

Over the past three months, employers have added a strong 228,000 jobs, the Labor Department reports.

The good news prompted President Barack Obama to give a live update on Facebook, Friday, where he said these numbers indicate the country is not “down in the dumps.” Obama said there’s a huge gap between rhetoric going on and the “reality of success.”

Worker pay did fall last month after some growth in January.

Some economists believe the new jobs report may open a door for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this summer.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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