Hillary Clinton is still hitting her book tour for her book, “What Happened,” and on Friday, she stopped over in Pasadena, California, where she sold out a bookshop. However, not everyone at the store was there in support of the former Democratic presidential candidate.

Walt Mancini was at the event on assignment for the Pasadena Star-Telegram when he managed to get a quick video of a few Bernie Sanders supporters dressed in Christmas garb and singing very anti-Clinton carols. One woman in the back was even holding a sign declaring, “YOU ARE WHAT HAPPENED.”

In the tune of “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” the festive protesters chanted “Go back to the woods tonight/Then all the people exhaled/it was clear for all to see/don’t stress ’cause Bernie’s got this/he’ll be in ’till 2018.”

They then moved on to a different song to the tune of the “Dradel” carol. The lyrics are as follows: “There was a girl named Donna/she wrote a juicy book/she spilled the beans on Clinton/who really was a crook/the money for state parties/went to the victory fund/she ran the DNC even before the primaries were run/Oh, Donna, Donna, Donna, you’ve really sold out big/you told us what we all knew/the primaries were rigged.”

“Donna,” who the carolers were singing about, is a reference to Donna Brazile, who led the Democratic National Committee during the primary elections between Clinton and Bernie Sanders. In her book, “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House,” Brazile slammed the DNC’s handling of the primaries and wrote, “I had found my proof [that the party favored Clinton], and it broke my heart.”

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Brazile was criticized by a number of Democratic party officials, who said that her tell-all was damaging to the future of the party. Clinton denied that her campaign had an unfair advantage, saying, “As has now come out, that just wasn’t the case.” Unfortunately for the Democrats, there seems to be a widening split between the establishment wing and the progressive wing of their party. And, while Clinton represents the old guard establishment faction, the pro-Bernie protesters she encountered on Friday hope to show that the progressives are the future of the left.

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