Opinion: You Can’t Make A Deal With The Devil

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden have agreed to a debt limit bill that passed the House of Representatives yesterday, marking yet another instance of Republican failure.

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Republicans didn’t achieve hardly any of the goals that they set forth in their original debt limit bill. They secured no additional funding or resources for the collapsing Southern Border.

McCarthy allowed for unlimited government spending until the new debt deadline of January 1st, 2025. Additionally, none of the spending cuts originally proposed by House Republicans made the final bill.

In fact, the new agreement even removes the work-requirement for Medicaid benefits. This bill, agreed on and passed by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, is atrocious. It achieves nothing for America, only handing Joe Biden and the Democrat Party limitless ability to continue to bury America in debt with government spending.

The newly agreed upon bill even includes funding for Biden’s 87,000 IRS Agents, something that McCarthy promised to stop as part of his pledge as Speaker of the House. The ‘agreement’ made by McCarthy makes even more concessions than were on the table.

As somebody who has covered McCarthy extensively, knowing that he lives with Google lobbyist Frank Luntz, and knowing the damage he inflicted on the California legislator upon his exit, I have fully understand what McCarthy is.

While singing the praises of former President Donald Trump when it benefits him politically, McCarthy is in truth the protege of Paul Ryan, possibly one of the most prominent anti-Trump political figures in the Republican Party.

This negotiation is yet another example of why establishment Republican cannot be trusted to deliver on any number of promises they make to secure our vote. Before Donald Trump, this was the norm. Say one thing, do another.

Whistleblowers at the DOJ and IRS have alleged that Biden officials have tampered with multiple investigations into Hunter Biden. They have made these allegations in official written statements to Congressional officials.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that Joe Biden and his Administration are the most outwardly corrupt Administration that has ever occupied the White House, McCarthy made a deal. Instead of standing on principle in the face of the most tyrannical President this Nation has ever seen, McCarthy caved.

It won’t be the political ramifications of this deal that hurt the most, but the economic devastation that out-of-control government spending will wreak on the American people.

Make no mistake… The decision to cut a deal with Biden, handing the Democrats everything they ever wanted, was a political decision. It was a decision made based on the fact that Republicans like McCarthy believe that standing on principle is bad for their re-election campaigns.

Unfortunately, in our current position, America has no room for this kind of decision making. We sit on the brink of annihilation. Annihilation from China, and from our own self-destructive economic policies.

The times are tough, and it is within those tough times that strong leaders must do what is right, not for their campaigns, but for America.

McCarthy failed the American people. He must be removed from his House Speaker seat.

The American people elected a Republican House in order to stop the Biden Administration from advancing their agenda. Within this deal, McCarthy has destroyed any chance of stopping Biden anytime soon.

It is unacceptable, and it is wrong. McCarthy must be removed.

What do you think?

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