Fox News continues to blackout Rand Paul in their poll coverage

Once again, Fox News forgot to include Sen. Rand Paul in their coverage of a new 2016 presidential poll, even though the senator outperformed other candidates mentioned and the survey cited made Paul a significant part of their original headline.

Quinnipiac released a poll today featuring the headline “Five Leaders In 2016 Republican White House Race, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Rubio, Paul Are Only Republicans Even Close To Clinton.” Yet in Fox News’ coverage, Paul apparently didn’t register enough to justify being shown on the broadcast of the poll.

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Fox News/Screenshot

In the poll, Rand Paul polled at 7 percent, ahead of Sen. Ted Cruz who received 6 percent.

But Cruz was featured in Fox News’ coverage of the poll.

Instead of mentioning Rand Paul’s competitiveness against Hillary Clinton (Paul and Rubio paired better against the former Secretary of State than any other Republicans), Fox left Paul’s name out to focus on lower-tier performers Donald Trump and John Kasich.

MSNBC covered the same Quinnipiac poll on Thursday, but included the full top seven performers, cutting off their graphic after Cruz.

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MSNBC “Morning Joe”/Screenshot

Instead of leaving Paul off of their coverage, MSNBC decided to not show candidates with substantially lower polling scores, focusing primarily on the top tier candidates.

For those who are unfamiliar with this tendency of pretending Paul does not exist in Fox News’ poll coverage, two weeks ago, the news channel conducted an in-house poll that pitted 2016 Republican hopefuls against Hillary Clinton. Somehow in their quest for numbers to crunch, the news agency failed to ask poll participants their opinions on a Paul v. Clinton match-up and left him off of their poll completely.

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Despite this Fox News survey blackout, Paul polled significantly high against Hillary Clinton in states such as New Hampshire, Colorado, and Iowa.

In early May Fox News put Paul’s name last although he was the highest polling candidate among the four featured.

rand poll fox
Fox News/Screenshot

That’s three snubs for Paul in May alone.

Is ignoring Paul’s polling numbers beginning to become a pattern for Fox News?

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