Rand Paul skewers big-government Republicans on the Daily Show

In an interview with The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart last night, Senator Rand Paul continued his critique of the Patriot Act, mass surveillance, and the NSA—as well as Republicans who claim to support liberty and small government even as they fight to maintain Washington’s ability to spy on our most private communications.

Stewart noted that some Republicans claim to oppose big government, but “when it comes to government surveillance, when it comes to the security state, they seem very willing to allow the government—with what appears to be very little oversight—to get whatever they want.” Paul’s response was on point: “You didn’t see the other sign that they have? ‘We don’t like big government until we do like big government.’”

Watch the full interview below, or check out the full episode to see Stewart cover Paul’s recent filibuster—including a new iteration of his perfect imitation of Fearmongerer-in-Chief Senator Lindsey Graham.

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Part 2:

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