Ron Paul: Yes, of course my plan to audit the Fed is part of my plan to end the Fed

In an op-ed for CNBC this week, former congressman Ron Paul addressed critics of his decades-long push for a full audit of the Federal Reserve with his characteristic good humor:

Some Fed apologists are claiming that the audit bill is part of a conspiracy to end the Fed. As the author of a book called “End the Fed,” I find it laughable to suggest that I, and other audit supporters, are hiding our true agenda. Besides, how could an audit advance efforts to end the Fed unless the audit would prove that the American people would be better off without the Fed? And don’t the people have a right to know if they are being harmed by the current monetary system?

For over a century, the Federal Reserve has operated in secrecy, to the benefit of the elites and the detriment of the people. It is time to finally bring transparency to monetary policy by auditing the Federal Reserve.

Read the whole op-ed here.

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