New footage shows the moments before police gunned down this unarmed teen Fresno Police Department
Fresno Police Department Dylan Noble

The Fresno Police Department released footage this week that shows the point of view of a police officer involved in a teen’s shooting death.

Dylan Noble, 19, was pulled over after police observed what they thought to be suspicious behavior as he drove in his black pickup truck. Police in the area were responding to a call about a man walking around with a rifle. When they pulled up near Noble, he sped away from, immediately raising their suspicions.

For several minutes, they tried in vain to stop Noble, who kept driving.

Noble then pulled into a gas station and parked his car.

For the next minute, officers barked at Noble to put his hands up. He put one hand up. Then he started to get out of the vehicle; officers yelled at him to get back inside.

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When he finally exited the vehicle, he walked away from police. Then he walked toward the officers with one hand concealed.

“What do you have in your hand?” an officer barked at Noble. “Let me see your hand!”

After Noble was told he would be shot if he didn’t comply, the young man told the officers that he “fucking hates [his] life.”

That’s when police fired upon Noble, who immediately hit the ground and revealed he didn’t have anything in his concealed hand.

As the young man rolled around on the ground in pain, the officers yelled at him to raise his hands. When he was unable to do so, they shot him one more time.

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Less than a month after Noble’s death, police in Fresno are still trying to determine if the pursuant officers did anything wrong.

When asked if the final shots from the officers were necessary, the Fresno police chief couldn’t give an answer.

“I do not have the answer for that today,” Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

Even though Chief Dyer doesn’t have an answer, Noble’s family knows what they see on the video, and they are looking for justice.

“We’re shocked and appalled that the city of Fresno would continue to defend the actions of its officers,” said Stuart Chandler, Noble’s mother’s attorney.

“Clearly, the only appropriate response is to accept responsibility and commit to changing practices of the police department.”

The video of Noble’s death comes amidst a string of videos released to the public that show officer-involved shootings.

In the last two weeks, the world watched as police officers shot and killed Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge, La.; Philando Castile of Falcon Heights, Minn.; and Andrew Henson of Wagoner, Okla.

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