Rep. Justin Amash: “Not lawful to ban immigrants on basis of nationality” Photo: Gage Skidmore

As the fallout continued on Saturday over President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travelers from specific nations, libertarian-leaning Republican Congressman Justin Amash criticized the move in a series of Tweets:

Rep. Amash, one of the few Arab-American members of Congress, has expressed reservations in the past about the inadequacies of U.S. vetting process for refugees.

?It is a long process,? Amash told Reason in March 2016, ?but contrary to what I at first believed, it is not a very rigorous process.?

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?[A]s a person who also has to ensure the safety of Americans,? Amash said almost a year ago, ?I have to make sure that we have a system in place where we can know who they are. If they don?t have documentation, there needs to be some other process for figuring out who this person is.?

Amash has a reputation as one of the strictest constitutionalists in the House and has been willing to call out abuses no matter which party commits them. ?I?m not here to represent a particular political party; I?m here to represent all of my constituents and to follow the Constitution,” Amash told the Huffington Post in July.


Rep. Amash expressed concerns about Trump’s view of the Constitution to The Hill in December, “I don?t think it?s out of any bad intention. I think he just views the job in a sort of  ?extra-constitutional? way, outside of the Constitution.”

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