As Rare and other news outlets have reported, a SuperPAC has been running ads against Rand Paul tying his foreign policy positions to President Obama. A new report reveals who some of the people behind the ads are, and they have ties to one of the major Republican candidates likely to enter the presidential race.

Matt Flynn of Breitbart News reports that the consultants who make up Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America have extensive ties to the Bush family. Flynn reports that many of these people also have ties to Karl Rove and other GOP establishment figures.

According to the Times, Black Rock Group, a public affairs firm, is “advising” the new Super PAC. Black Rock is yet another GOP consulting firm housed at 66 Canal Street in Alexandria, VA, the Republican party establishment’s outpost across the river from DC. The firm is run by Carl Forti and Brian Jones, longtime operatives in Bush World.

Forti is currently political director of American Crossroads, the GOP establishment Super PAC guided by former Bush political guru Karl Rove. Jones has had leading campaign rolls with Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney. Jones has extensive ties with mainstream media outlets, which helps explain why the New York Times is breaking a story about a GOP nomination contest.

Republicans, after all, are very adept at using the mainstream media to attack other Republicans.

The titular head of the Super PAC attacking Rand is Rick Reed, a key GOP strategist for the “Swift Boat” campaign against John Kerry more than a decade ago. Reed is largely retired from political campaigns, but seems prepared to suit up again when Bush World calls.

As Rare’s Jack Hunter (also a former Paul staff member) noted Tuesday, these early attacks on Rand Paul by possible surrogates of Jeb Bush might indicate fear of the Kentucky senator’s foreign policy views and their influence.

“Now hawks are trying to attack Paul for not wanting war with Iran, as Paul tries to lead the GOP away from being a party that reflexively wants war with everybody,” Hunter wrote.

“Make no mistake, today and everyday, that’s what hawks fear most,” Hunter said. “That’s why they fear Rand Paul,” he added.

Report: The SuperPAC running ads against Rand Paul has ties to “Bush World”
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