Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Declares Support For Bitcoin at Miami Conference (Video)

Democrat candidate for President Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has declared his support for Bitcoin, appearing as the keynote speaker at the Bitcoin 2023 Convention in Miami recently. Kennedy Jr. voiced concerns over government control over finance.


He listed the Canadian Trucker protest of 2021 as an example of why he supports Bitcoin. In this particular case, the Canadian government worked with banks to freeze the accounts of protestors of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. The protests were non-violent.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Kennedy Jr. drew a connection to freedom and Bitcoin, saying, “Almost everyone in this room is aware of the link between Bitcoin and democracy and freedom. They’re passionate because of the deep representation of a deep need that we have for liberty and democracy, and the promise that this innovation has to guarantee those virtues.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. declared his support for Bitcoin, saying,

As president, I will make sure that your right to hold and use Bitcoin is inviolable, I am an ardent defender and lifelong defender of civil liberties, and Bitcoin is both an exercise and a guarantee of those freedoms

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

See Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s full keynote address at the Bitcoin conference in Miami below!

Kennedy also spoke about Centrally Controlled Digital Currencies. See a clip of that moment below…

He proposed a six point plan to defend Bitcoin. Read that full list below…

  1. defending self-custody of Bitcoin – “your wallet is your own”; 
  2. the right to run nodes in one’s home; 
  3. industry-neutral regulation of energy;
  4. ensuring the US remains the global of hub of cryptocurrency technology;
  5. “sensible jurisdiction and governance”, recognizing that Bitcoin is not a security and should not be regulated as one; and
  6. examining whether individuals like Ross Ulbricht (founder of online black market Silk Road, who received two life sentences), “were prosecuted for actual crimes, or as a means to crack down on crypto.” He added, “I will consider pardoning them and I will act very quickly to do so.”

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