Staffer Steps In To Save Lost Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg (Video)

Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg held a press conference today in order to discuss the upcoming Memorial Day travel situation. Travel is supposed to outperform pre-pandemic levels.


During one moment of the press conference, Buttigieg became confused about the data he was presenting to several reporters. He stopped mid-sentence, asking his staffer if the data they were presenting included certain factors.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Is Buttigieg actually running the Department of Transportation? Or is he simply conveying the information that nameless and faceless underlings have placed into his hands?

See a clip of Buttigieg deferring to his staff in a video below…

During that same press conference, Buttigieg can be quoted as saying, “It is cheaper to fill up a car or truck with electrons, typically, than with gas or diesel.” See a clip of that moment below…

Whether you are charging your electric vehicle at a public charger, or at your home, it still costs money. It still uses the very energy, COAL, that Buttigieg and his Democrat cohorts have been so viciously attacking.

What is behind the government push to mandate electric vehicles? Viewing the evidence objectively, one would think that they are simply consolidating control. With the flip of a switch, Government would be able to disable entire sections of the Nation with targeted power outages.

PBS reports on the coming Memorial Day travel…

More than 40 million Americans are expected to travel over the weekend that many deem the unofficial start of summer, according to a AAA projection. “This is expected to be the third busiest Memorial Day weekend since 2000, when AAA started tracking holiday travel,” said Paula Twidale, senior vice president of AAA Travel. “More Americans are planning trips and booking them earlier, despite inflation. This summer travel season could be one for the record books, especially at airports.”

What do you think?


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