The Elephant In The Room: The Lie Of The American Economy

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In 2020 the American economy shuttered its doors. Under the orders of then-President Donald Trump, America’s economy ground to a screeching halt.


In States like Maryland, Michigan, New York, and even Florida, Governors and local government officials used police to harass, intimidate, and shut down any business that dared remain open.

Yelp estimates that 60% of the small businesses that closed their doors in the initial COVID lockdown never reopened. While businesses like Walmart, Target, and Amazon were allowed to operate under their given ‘essential’ status, small American businesses were forced to close.

This led to the greatest concentration of wealth that the world economy has ever seen. The rich got richer. Those on the border of upper middle class surged into the upper class. The rest of the the middle class fell into the lower class.

COVID officially destroyed the American middle class for good. It bankrupted millions of their independence, forcing them into working for larger corporations. The effects of this seismic change cannot be measured to this point. It’s simply too soon.

While Americans continue to struggle economically, the stock market continues to surge. The Dow Jones is currently at a near all-time high. Same with the Nasdaq, and same with S&P 500. Wealthy Americans, especially those serving in government in Washington D.C. have never been richer.

You would think that with Biden proposing absurd ‘revenue generation’, or tax hikes upon signing the Republican giveaway debt ceiling agreement, that Republicans would be hammering the fact that Democrat policies are gutting the American economy.

Unfortunately, that’s not how they see it. Republicans don’t address the economy because they truly, just as the Democrats, have no interest in creating an economy that works for Americans. They don’t care for independence, or small business, or the success of the American people.

For both political parties in Washington D.C., business is booming! Americans may be less independent than ever before, and wealth may be concentrated at the top of our economy at higher rates than ever seen before, but these wealthy individuals are the people and businesses funding our politics.

The donors are happy, and so are the politicians that routinely use insider trading to amass hundreds of millions of dollars in assets (Nancy Pelosi).

It doesn’t matter to the politicians in Washington D.C. that entitlements are bankrupting the Nation, leaving us in a deep grave of debt. Their retiree donors want their social security, and they want more of it, so they will oblige. All for votes, and all for their own enrichment.

The Republican elephant in the room is that not a single politician, Republican or Democrat, truly gives a damn about what happens to America. They couldn’t care less. They only see their political platforms as an attractant to their voters.

When you gut a Nation economically, destroying 60% of all small business, and the Dow Jones is still hitting record highs, you have to ask yourself if the stock market is truly indicative of the success of the American economy?

It isn’t.

The politicians in D.C. are doing better than ever, and for that reason, they have no interest in addressing the fact that the American economy was killed in cold-blood.

Those who destroyed the American economy should face consequences for what they did. Fauci, Birx, and even Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. Both issued lockdown orders, despite blaming each other in a constant feud.

Republicans want to blame China. While China certainly has clawed American industry to pieces over the last few decades, it was the establishment political class, including Republicans, who allowed them to destroy us. Mitch McConnell, the Senate leader, is even married to a Chinese woman whose father owns one of the largest Chinese shipping companies, Foremost Maritime Corporation.

Democrats want to blame Republicans, even though they have routinely sided with Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and others to continuously sell out American industry.

With Americans less independent than ever before, and out wealthy political class doing better than ever before, it is no wonder that neither political party is willing to address the elephant in the room… The lie of our modern economy.

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