The latest rule for the Republican National Convention sounds pretty darn elitist AP

Many Republicans who will be heading to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention at the end of July will be thrilled to see the party nominate Donald Trump for president. Many others will not.

Either way, the Republican National Committee is making it harder for attendees to either celebrate or commiserate Trump’s coronation: no alcohol will be sold at the convention itself.

From the Washington Examiner:

A GOP convention official told the Washington Examiner alcohol will not be sold to attendees inside the arena, but “very high-level officials” in “hospitality areas” will have access to alcohol. The convention official identified the “very high-level officials” as including the Republican leadership in the House and Senate and some donors, and the official confirmed that the “hospitality areas” are akin to box seats in the stadium.

Given how the election has turned out so far, Republican elites will probably need the alcohol. Let’s hope the RNC provides these “very high-level officials” with only the very best in booze.

In fairness, the RNC had similar restrictions in 2012. The party says it will publish a suggested list of places where convention-goers can drink booze if they feel the need to do so.

But this is a much different convention than in 2012. Thanks to Trump, there will be more cause to drink than ever before, especially after looking at his latest poll numbers against Hillary Clinton.

Kevin Boyd About the author:
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