This comedy sketch between “Donald Trump” and “President Obama” will crack you up

In a hilarious sketch on his late night show, comedian Jimmy Fallon channeled Donald Trump while speaking to an actor pretending to be President Obama.

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The Obama character answered a call from Fallon posing as Trump. Trump was praising his recent victory in Indiana Tuesday. The victory for Trump ended up knocking both Ted Cruz and John Kasich out of the race, leaving him as the presumptive nominee for the Republican ticket to the White House.

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“Did you see the news? I’m now the Republican president, and come November, I’m going to be voted Captain America,” Fallon joked.

The hilarious sketch was filled with “mic drops” from Obama, and even references to Beyoncé’s recently released “Lemonade” album. The Beyoncé album referenced infidelity in her marriage, calling out a woman she called “Becky with the good hair.”

“Can I give you some advice?” Obama said in the sketch. “I don’t know, can ya?” Fallon said. “Alright, ok,” the actor playing Obama said, adding “don’t make me go Lemonade on your ass.”

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“Watch it,” Fallon said, “you don’t want to mess with Donald with the good hair.”

The #DonaldWithTheGoodHair quickly went viral.

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