Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg On Wildfire: “Obviously, I’m No Meteorologist!”(Video)

Smog continues to be a major problem for Americans in the Northeast as unbelievable photos show a New York skyline turned yellow. What does the Biden Administration have to say about this?

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Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg wants you to know that he’s no meteorologist, and that he doesn’t really know what to do!

In a recent interview, Buttigieg responded to questions about the smog, claiming “I’m no meteorologist”. See a clip of that moment below…

Buttigieg added that he is “focused on trying to prevent it (the climate) from getting worse”. He then rambled about electric vehicles. See a clip of that moment below…

With the way Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is acting, that cloud of smoke may not be smog at all, but smug!

The fact of the matter is that liberal elitist like Buttigieg in Canada have favored false environmentalism over common sense, true environmentalism. Canada brags about having some of the strictest “forest laws” in the world.

Necessary cutting and clean ups are not taking place because of lazy, false environmentalism. Millions of Americans are suffering because of liberal incompetence.

Pete Buttigieg recently had a softball interview with Chuck Todd. Todd paved the way for Buttigieg to distort the truth.

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