Troy Smith Dissects Trump Indictment, Highlights Biden Documents Scandal In First Show (Video)

I had the pleasure of recording the first episode of my show with Rare today, focusing on the Trump indictment and comparing and contrasting the treatment of former President Trump with President Biden’s own documents scandal.

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I previously reported that Biden associates were allowed to search through Biden’s offices and homes without FBI supervision. It is a damning fact. That report from 5 months ago reads…

The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that the Department of Justice authorized President Joe Biden’s personal lawyers to search for classified materials in multiple locations without the FBI present.

Biden reportedly received special treatment in the investigation because the DOJ wanted to “avoid complicating later stages of the investigation” and because “Mr. Biden’s attorneys had quickly turned in a first batch of documents”.

Compared to the way the DOJ treated President Trump it is hard to come to the conclusion that the tenacity with which each case was pursued was not blatantly political in nature.

While President Trump and his family were subjected to an FBI raid, Biden and his cronies were allowed to sift through evidence, possible concealing classified materials.

There has never been a greater abuse of power in the history of the United States of America. The Biden Administration has lost it.

See the first episode of my show on Rare below…

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