Trump Jokes That He Would Sign Lebron James If He Ran A Women’s Basketball Team (Video)

Former President Donald Trump made a great joke during a recent speech in Iowa that is setting off social media snowflakes around the country.

Trump jokes that if he was a women’s basketball coach that he would ask Lebron James to become a woman, and join his team. He can be quoted as saying…

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If I was a basketball coach I would be the greatest coach in history,” Trump began. “I’d have a women’s team, I’d have all men… I’m not a fan of Lebron James, I don’t like Lebron, but I’d say, ‘Hey LeBron, you ever think of becoming a woman? Because you’re gonna be on my team. We’re gonna go undefeated for the next 5 years, Lebron.

Donald Trump on women’s basketball

See a clip of that hilarious moment below…

Trump also used the speech to rail against President Joe Biden, who Trump states ‘did one hell of a job from his basement’.

See a clip of that moment below…

It was surely a great speech in Iowa, as we have covered several moments from the speech already. I’m sure most people are excited to hear from Trump more often as the 2024 race ramps up.

This is a man on a mission, and it is hard to imagine there is anybody capable of stopping him in his journey back to Pennsylvania Avenue.

What do you think?

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