Trump Says Kamala Harris May Be Worse Than Joe Biden (Video)

While the Republican presidential nominees were arguing during their primary debate on Wednesday, Trump took some time during his interview with Tucker Carlson to weigh in on the intellectual state of Vice President Kamala Harris.

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“She has some bad moments,” Trump tells Carlson. “Her moments are almost as bad as his (Joe Biden).  I think his are worse, actually.”

Yeah,” Carlson agrees, “she seems pretty senile, too.”

“She speaks in rhyme.  It’s weird, it’s weird,” Trump replies.  “But she has bad moments…”

“In rhyme?” Carlson responds, laughing.

“Well, the way she talks,” Trump says, and he begins to imitate Harris.  “’The bus will go HERE and then then the bus will go THERE because that’s what buses DO.”  Switching back to his own voice, Trump continues, “It’s weird, the whole thing is weird.  This is not a president of the United States [in the] future.”

Perhaps Trump meant Harris speaks with a bizarre “cadence” and not rhyme, but he’s right – Kamala Harris doesn’t speak in a way that shows she’s thinking clearly about what she says.  Her voice displays a vapid intellect, like the stereotypical “dumb cheerleader” talking about going to the mall.

But unfortunately, even her prepared speeches don’t show the level of thought we would hope for in a major American political figure.

For example, in a recent speech Kamala Harris gave in Mongolia, she talked about that country being an important player in the Indo-Pacific Region… even though at its closest point, Mongolia over 1,500 miles away from what is considered to be the Indo-Pacific Region.  To put this gaffe in perspective, saying that Mongolia is part of the Indo-Pacific Region is the geographic equivalent of saying New York City is in the Rocky Mountains.

Yes, Joe Biden is senile and is easily the worst president in American history.  But Kamala Harris as president…?  That wouldn’t be any better.

What do you think?

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