Watch: Biden Begins Yelling During Black History Month Speech (Video)

President Joe Biden gave a speech yesterday commemorating Black History Month at the White House. During the speech, Biden made several racial remarks.

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He called himself a white boy, and insinuated that White Americans control all positions of power in the country. That quote reads as…

“I may be a white boy, but I’m not stupid. I know where the power is. You think I’m joking!

Joe Biden during Black History Month speech

Later on in the speech, as the crowd began to raise their volume, Biden began screaming and slurring his words together. Another instance of this elderly President losing it on National television. See a clip of that moment below…

Why does Biden continue to shout like this? It seems that his mind continues to deteriorate for all of the world to see.

Why has Congress not taken action to remove this obviously senile man from the most important Office in America? Why do our Representatives settle for Tweets and jokes when our Country is in such obvious danger?

Having this man in charge of the nuclear codes is beyond dangerous. Not even to mention the insidious ties held by his family, and those surrounding his political circles.

You don’t need an investigation to see that Biden is senile. While Republicans seem focused on proving that Biden violated the law in various ways, it would seem to be a much easier route to point out that he can hardly deliver a speech.

I happen to believe that this is just more of the same political posturing, a bark with no bite, from the Republican Party. They want to give you the illusion that they are taking action, while in reality taking none.

A sad state of affairs, in every way, in Washington D.C.

What do you think?

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