Watch: Biden Honors Paul Pelosi During State of the Union Address (VIDEO)

President Joe Biden took the time to honor husband of Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Paul Pelosi, during his State of the Union Address last night.

Pelosi was exposed in a court released video just last month which showed Pelosi smiling with a drink in his hand, standing with a man holding a hammer which he eventually used to hit Paul in the head.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

See the shocking video of that attack below, and also read our report on the video from the time of the release.

It was because of this ‘attack’ that Biden recognized Pelosi during his speech. Why would Biden highlight such an embarrassing moment for Pelosi?

During the clip below, which shows the video of Biden praising Pelosi, Paul can be seen wearing hat. This is most likely to cover up the serious trauma he suffered to his head. Check that video out…

We don’t know exactly what happened in the Pelosi ‘attack’ situation, but we do know that usually if somebody is being ‘held hostage’, they do not have a beverage in their hand and a smile on their face when the cops eventually arrive.

Democrats surely seem to be content with the narrative that Pelosi’s ‘attacker’ was a Trump supporter, something that has never been substantiated.

Yet another strange moment from this dismal ‘State of the Union’.

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