Watch: Chuck Schumer Says Biden Was ‘Calm, Calculated, and Effective’ On Chinese Spy Balloon (VIDEO)

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer appeared before reporters today to defend President Joe Biden over his dismal handling of the Chinese Spy Balloon, which was allowed to cross the entire contiguous United States before being ‘shot down’ over the Atlantic Ocean.

Recent reports have speculated that the device carried its own self-detonation explosive charge, meaning that it is up for debate whether the balloon was actually shot down or just self destructed.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It had certainly already gathered enough evidence, passing over countless U.S. military bases and nuclear missile silos.

Chuck Schumer claims that Biden handled the situation perfectly. He stated to the press “The Biden Administration was calm, calculated, and effective”. See a clip of that below…

Schumer accused Republicans of turning this into a partisan issue. This is a transparent attempt by Democrats to deflect criticism for yet another Biden national security failure.

Schumer urged Republicans to direct their anger at China. Why would Republicans blame China? That balloon was flying in our airspace. We had every right in the world to shoot it down. We did not.

This was not the fault of China, and we shouldn’t blame them. Any country could have sent that balloon. It was our own pathetic response which allowed the ridiculous event to take place.

House Republicans have reportedly announced an investigation into the spy balloon today, the same day that President Biden is set to make his State of the Union Address at 9pm EST tonight.

Democrats are tripping over themselves to justify the mishandling of this situation. It will be telling to see how Biden attempts to spin the story tonight.

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