Watch: Republicans Laugh When Biden Says We Need Oil ‘For At Least 10 Years’ (VIDEO)

Republicans in Congress laughed at President Joe Biden last night when he seriously claimed that the United States would need oil ‘for at least ten years’.

Biden is clearly delusional. The U.S. is going to be using oil for far more than ten years. Oil will most likely never be completely unused.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

See the clip of Congress laughing at Joe Biden after he made the claim. Biden blames corporations for gas prices during his term.

Within this statement was an attempt by Biden to manipulate the truth about action that his own Administration has taken against U.S. oil production.

On the first day of his Administration, Biden halted all Federal leases on ‘fossil fuels’ on public lands. His Administration has actively pursued appeals of rulings that struck down that order.

More recently, Biden halted all contracts for drilling. Even in his dishonest presentation of reality, Biden is not acting like we need oil for another decade.

Truth is, we will always be using oil. It is not going away. With ever-increasing efficiency, the technology truly is that of the future.

Attempts to curtail drilling and energy use are destructive to our own economy, and catastrophic to a third world that is just now implementing power grids and infrastructure.

While we have access to abundant natural resources that God placed below our feet, most Nations are not as lucky. They rely on imports from countries like the United States to meet their growing energy needs.

By halting drilling in the United States, as Biden has done repeatedly, we are handicapping our own economy and destroying the hope for a better world.

What do you think?

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