Watch: Ron DeSantis Full Speech At Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA (Video)

2024 Presidential hopeful Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently spoke at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California to discuss what he has done with the State of Florida.

DeSantis listed a bevy of his accomplishments in Florida, stating that Florida is now the top state in the Nation for school choice. He also promoted Florida’s fight against pandemic restrictions.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

See a video of the full remarks below…

This comes as DeSantis has just authorized a massive purchase of 21,000 plus acres of state-protected wildlife corridor across the state. DeSantis said of this purchase…

Good stewardship of Florida’s natural resources by conserving natural lands for future generations is a top priority for our administration

This action will protect our water resources, enhance wildlife and habitat connections, and provide additional public recreation opportunities for our residents and visitors.

Governor Ron DeSantis

DeSantis recently made a stop in Iowa, adding fuel to speculation that he may run for President in 2024. During that visit, though delivering a great speech, DeSantis was heckled by protestors.

While Trump provides a flare to his rhetoric and policy, DeSantis is clean cut and down to business. It is my opinion that he would be a more effective Executive than Trump. He has displayed an innate ability to follow through on his words, even when donations to his campaigns reflect a different agenda.

Most politicians say one thing, and choose to act in favor of their wealthy donors. DeSantis has walked the line, maintaining effective and Conservative governance, without pandering to his donors.

This is the mark of the strongest of political leaders.

Though it may be tempting for DeSantis to step into the fray this cycle, I believe it is best that he serves the remainder of his second term as Governor of Florida.

In a potential 2028 Election, whether it be post-Trump or post-Biden, would be an absolute cakewalk for DeSantis with Trump out of the way.

What do you think?

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