WATCH: Trump Destroys RINOs In Campaign Speech With Lindsey Graham In Audience

Former President Trump seemed to stray from his scripted speech in South Carolina on Saturday, taking a brilliant opportunity to attack RINO Republicans who continue to sell out the base.

In attendance at the Trump speech was RINO Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham recently signed on to the Biden $1.7 Trillion spending plan, adding to our monstrous $31 Trillion debt.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Graham joined 17 Republican Senators, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in passing the bill.

During Trump’s speech, he claimed that we need a leader to stand up to ‘globalists, China, and RINOs’. It was clear that Trump improvised the part about RINOs, saying ‘I guess we can say that’.

See a clip of that moment below…

Graham, who was obviously implicated by the statement about RINOs, can be seen in the background laughing nervously.

An anonymous informant told this reporter that several advisors to the former President had raised questions about Graham heading into this event.

As somebody who supported Trump in 2016, and covered Trump in 2020 and beyond, I must say that he is always more truthful and effective when he does not read from the teleprompter.

His teleprompter speeches are bland, repetitive, and just like those of any other politician. That is not Trump’s appeal. He should never attempt to portray himself as a normal politicians.

He is an outsider who was eventually burned by the establishment for taking bold action against their total control.

Calling out Lindsey Graham directly on stage behind him during the speech is a pretty great move. Obviously unscripted.

Hopefully, Trump will ditch the teleprompter and continue to speak truth about political corruption and abuses from all sides of the aisle.

What do you think?

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  1. No one cares anymore what the Orange One has to say any more other than the rapidly shrinking numbers of his cult followers. Watching/listening to Trump and his attempts at insult humor has gotten old and stale for the vast majority of Americans including many who voted for him before. He never has a policy arguement or proposal, just whining about how he is being picked on and cheated.

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