“We Won’t Accept A Ceasefire” – U.S. National Security Communications Director On War in Ukraine (Video)

National Security Council Communications Director John Kirby appeared on Fox News today to discuss the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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With reports recently surfacing that President Xi, following his meeting in Moscow, will call for a ceasefire in Ukraine, Kirby stated that the U.S. ‘will not accept a ceasefire’.

A chilling look at how serious our government is about prolonging this conflict as long as they can. He can be quoted as saying…

What we have said before, and we’ll say it again today, that if coming out of this meeting, there’s some sort of call for a ceasefire, well, that’s just going to be unacceptable,”

“Because all that’s going to do, is ratify Russia’s conquest to date. All that’s going to do is give Mr. Putin more time to refit, retrain, re-man, and try to plan for renewed offensives at a time of his choosing.”

John Kirby

See a clip of that moment below…

Who authorized this man to say this? Why on Earth would the U.S. be trying to prolong the fight in Ukraine?

Unless, maybe, the military industrial complex donors, many of whom donated millions to Joe Biden and the Democrats, are only interested in making as much money off of this situation as possible.

It is the only explanation, barring some kind of delusion that the conflict in Ukraine is beneficial to Biden’s political prospects.

Furthermore, China is now completely usurping the United States on the world stage. They are taking our place as the sole World superpower.

It can all be traced directly back to the incompetence of the Biden Administration, and the political pretenders who have truly done nothing to oppose his race to destroy America.

What do you think?

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