White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Lashes Out At Reporter Over PGA-Liv Merger (Video)

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lashed out at a reporter at the White House during the daily press briefing today. The question pertained to Biden’s refusal to comment on the PGA-Liv merger that happened yesterday.

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During the press conference yesterday, Jean-Pierre refused to comment on the merger. Biden also made a joke when reporters questioned him, saying he “plans on being in the PGA”.

A reporter asked Jean-Pierre today, “On the merger, the Wall Street Journal editorial board said this is more than just a private deal its really about MSB sort of (Mohammed bin Salman, Crow Prince of Saudi Arabia) thumbing his nose at the President. They point out that the Saudi’s have entered a China-brokered deal with Iran. They are cozying up to Maduro. They cut oil production ahead of Blinken’s visit. Helping Russia, driving up prices hurting Biden, and they write “Is Mohamed Bin Salman trolling President Biden? Call it revenge of the pariah””

Jean-Pierre gave a non-answer, leading the reporter to shoot back a question, “doesn’t this make President Biden look weak?” This visibly angered Jean-Pierre. She lashed out at the reporter, going on a tirade. See that moment in the clip below…

If there was ever an Administration that was easy to troll, the Biden Administration would be it. The fact that Biden and his handlers have lowered our Nation to the point of being trolled y Saudi Arabia only highlights the incompetence of the current Administration, and why Americans must vote this group out of Office in 2024.

We are running out of time as a Nation.

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