White House Says “No Possibility” Joe Biden Pardons Hunter

Rumors concerning the possibility of President Joe Biden pardoning his rogue son, Hunter, have been formally dismissed by Jean-Pierre.

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Hunter Biden has gotten himself into a heap of trouble that could be erased with a pardoning from Joe. For years he has allegedly been leveraging his father’s political positions to grab millions of dollars, commit ludicrous crimes and get off easy. Yesterday, July 26th, this trend came to a screeching halt when Judge Maryellen Noreika exposed Hunter’s sly schemes.

White House Says “No Possibility” Joe Biden Pardons Hunter

Judge Maryellen found that Hunter’s lawyers were attempting to use the guilty plea to two tax misdemeanors to escape the rest of his charges entirely. The stunt was exposed and the legal teams have been told to regroup in 30 days. Now that Hunter Biden’s trick to get himself off the hook has spectacularly failed, many have questioned the White House concerning the plan to pardon.

One reporter questioned White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre: “From a presidential perspective, is there any possibility that the president would end up pardoning his son?” To the question posed, Jean-Pierre bluntly replied: “No.” As seen previously with this case, that firm no may not be as simple as it should be. The reason being, Biden has repeatedly denied that he was in any way entangled in his son’s sketchy business dealings, however surmounting evidence suggests the contrary.

Upon further questioning it became clear that we will not learn ‘any pacifics’ from Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as reported by RNC Research.

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