The Punisher Season 1, Episode 2: Two Dead Men review and recap

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Episode 2 synopsis – “Micro” needs help from Frank Castle

One day after killing the loan shark, Frank Castle receives a call from an unknown man stating that they need to talk. Castle, believing this man has the wrong person, is surprised when the individual knows who he is as well as needs his help.

Episode 2 recap – Micro’s cat-and-mouse game with Frank Castle

The morning after Frank killed men at the poker game in Episode 1, he starts his morning off eating in a diner and reading a paper. It is at this diner that Frank receives a call a man using the name Micro asking him for help. Upon hanging up the phone, Frank exits the diner and spots an individual on a rooftop and goes to pursue him. After reaching the rooftop, Frank finds and answers a cell phone, with Micro stating that he will call him later for more details before he disappears and jumps from the building. I liked this new take on the Micro character because he does not start out as Frank’s buddy and aid like his comic counterparts.

This episode also saw the return of Daredevil recurring character Karen Page who developed a connection with Frank during his appearances in Season 2 of Daredevil. Frank asks for Karen’s help in trying to figure out who Micro truly is and how the two are connected. Karen discovers that Micro is just an alias used by former NSA analyst David Lieberman, who was supposedly killed while resisting arrest by DHS agent Carson Wolf. The strange thing is that the article never saw the light of day as it was never printed or released due to Carson Wolf directing news outlets not to. Upon learning of Micro’s real name, Frank nonchalantly ventures to the Lieberman house, where he gets hit by a car driven by David’s wife, Sarah. After stating that he is uninjured, Frank introduces himself as Pete Castiglione and proceeds to be invited into her home where he observes a family picture. Unbeknownst to Frank, Micro has his house under surveillance and watches in horror as he sees Frank inside his house and talking with his wife. The conversation that Sarah and Frank have about the loss of their loved ones was great character building because it shows how different people handle grief. Sarah acts like everything’s ok and masks her grief by focusing on her kids Zach and Leo, or drinking wine daily as opposed to Frank who seems to have just killed his emotions.

The climax of this episode occurs after Castle goes to interrogate Carson Wolf and questions him about Lieberman, to which Wolf admits to “killing” him. Castle ends up executing Wolf by snapping his neck. When Madani who had met up with Castle’s former best friend Billy Russo, in order to question him about Castle, his unit and the heroin smuggling allegations, receives news of Wolf’s death she is promoted to Wolf’s position and examines the crime scene. What may seem like a normal breaking-and-entering gone wrong proves to be something more as the crime scene and Wolf’s body indicates a struggle ensued prior to his death. Lastly, the cat and mouse game that Frank sends Micro on is absolutely great. Micro, eager to meet Frank and talk with him, follows Frank directions only to be led on a wild goose chase which ultimately ends with Frank sneaking into Micro’s hideout and taking him captive.

Rare Review — Why we gave Episode 2 3/5 stars

What worked

  • The reveal of Micro.
  • The death of Carson Wolf.
  • The ending sequence where Micro and Frank meet.
  • Introduction of Billy Russo.

What didn’t work

  • More background into the Carson Wolf character before his demise.

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